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Introducing Game Of Life+

Introducing Game Of Life+ - an online platform to help your son learn and grow.

Get access to on-demand courses, private webinars, and an exclusive community for boys aged 7-14.

Our focus is on health, wellness and relationships.

Game Of Life is designed to be fun, with lots of family involvement and activities for mums & sons in the real world.

All of our programs have been created with award-winning teachers, behavioural experts, leading sports stars and coaches, and well-being experts from Stanford University, and Harvard University.

And most of all we have families just like yours. Here you can connect with other boys and mums around Australia.Β 


For boys, it's hard growing up.Β Everything feels like it's happening at once. Life is moving at 1000 miles an hour.Β 

It's just as hard on mums, trying their best to help their son navigate life.

Many boys this age are struggling with:

  • Social anxiety and nerves in real-life situations
  • Lack of using your voice
  • Friendships can be hard to manage. Especially when things turn bad
  • Creating good habits is hard too. We have one good day and one bad day.
  • We haven't found that thing we're really good at and love
  • Our energy and motivation is hit and miss
  • Sleep patterns are all over the place


Game Of Life+ is your invitation to an adventure like no other.Β 

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 🦘Step 3: Introduce yourself to other families around Australia.

Β πŸ† Step 4: Join our challenges, join programs, earn rewards, level up, and unlock maximum fun and benefits.Β 

Inside are weekly competitions designed to make your journey to a healthier life fun and engaging πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜ƒ

And everything from pop-up challenges to courses to real-world meet-ups and adventure camps, there's something for everyone.

This community is a private and safe space that is open to boys aged 7-14 of all backgrounds, and experiences. It is open to parents as well, with dedicated support built in.

Have fun everyone!

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