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Introducing Game Of Life Mums

Introducing Game Of Life Mums

We help Mums of boys aged 7-14 to learn, grow and connect with each other.

We created Game Of Life Mums to help your family realise your potential.

Our community features like private chats, networking and comment threads mean you’re never alone. 

Found a video that changed your day? Share it. Need a cheerleader? The gang’s all here.

It isn’t just a saying; it’s our mantra because we’re all in this together. 

Every part of the Game Of Life Mums is made to be friendly, like a Sunday supper with warm bread with people who love and understand you. 

We’re all about keeping things real and making sure everyone can jump in, no matter where you’re starting from.

And when you’re having one of those days, we’re here to remind you: find what feels good, in life.

Simple moments that can change everything.

Game Of Life Mums

  • 🌟 Live Curated Workshops: Our live sessions are unique, curated and fun
  • 🌟 Exclusive Events & Pop-Up Challenges: The most coolest hang-outs on Earth.
  • 🌟 Resources: Our vaults are stocked with world-class guides and resources to help your family win at life.
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  • 🌟 Your Stories, Your Content: Share your adventures, your struggles and your story.


For boys, it's hard growing up. Everything feels like it's happening at once. Life is moving at 1000 miles an hour. 

It's just as hard on mums, trying their best to help their son navigate life.

Many boys this age are struggling with:

  • Social anxiety and nerves in real-life situations
  • Lack of using your voice
  • Friendships can be hard to manage. Especially when things turn bad
  • Creating good habits is hard too. We have one good day and one bad day.
  • We haven't found that thing we're really good at and love
  • Our energy and motivation is hit and miss
  • Sleep patterns are all over the place

For Mums, they're dealing with:

  • Burnout, and struggling to manage everyday life.
  • Lack of friends, a social circle, or a community
  • Nobody gives you a playbook or guide on how to manage this period in your son's life
  • Unsure of your strengths, or you know what they are, and life has taken you away from those and down a different path.

Game Of Life Mums is your invitation to an adventure like no other. 

🎯 Step 1: Mums - create your account and fill out your profile with a photo and professional links. 

 👣 Step 2: Follow our onboarding steps

 🦘Step 3: Introduce yourself to other Mums

 🏆 Step 4: Join challenges, join live and on-demand workshops. Network with other Mums, earn rewards and level up. 

Inside is everything from pop-up challenges to courses to real-world meet-ups and adventure camps, there's something for everyone.

This community is a private and safe space that is open to Mums of all backgrounds, with dedicated support built in.

Have fun, everyone!

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